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Clinical Compliance

This series of modules provides a clinical compliance orientation for new Bachelor of Science in Nursing students to help prepare them for skills lab and clinical rotations.

Communication in Quality and Safety

This online scenario highlights communication problems that can affect quality and safety in nursing care. Author: Patricia Davis

Digital Research Challenge

This case-based learning activity walks learners through the steps of the digital research process, including exploring resources, evaluating sources, summarizing main ideas, synthesizing main ideas, revisiting a query and checking copyright.Authors: Elaine Sullo & Samer Aleem

Learning in a New Language

The “Learning in a New Language” module is intended for students who speak English as a second language (ESL), or who are new to American schools. In addition, this module will also help all students, as nursing is a challenging academic program and students often find they need to adjust their educational styles and skills to succeed.

Medication Reconciliation

Medical Reconciliation Assignment
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